OpenStreetMap in Schools

OpenStreetMap in Schools

OpenStreetMap in Schools

Adding communities to the map supports development through informed decision making for resources alocation and lobbying by the leaders. This program works with schools on the level of primary and secondary (ISCED-Level; 1,2,3). Teachers and Students are equiped with basic computer skills and mapping techniques which are used to digitize their communties on to the OpenStreetMap platform.Read More

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Kabale University YouthMappers - ADAI

Youth Mappers

Youth Mappers - Uganda

Equiping university students with geospatial skills through digitization of communities on to OpenStreetMap. The open data created is further utilized to support solving community challenges. The students together with their mentors utilize the created data in their university research prgrams. Read More

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Kyambogo University - Public Lecture

Public Lecture

Career Guidance

Inspiring the youth by sharing skills and experiences outside the education sector natures and guides university students on how to prepare for a life after university.

These include:-
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) skills.
Carreer Guidance.

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